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RFID Bar Coding Gains Popularity as Specialized Uses Emerge

Posted by Gary Stockton on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

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In Datagear's most recent blog post titled "Understanding RFID" Marketing Director Shannon Abiteboul discusses the origins of RFID, the early the applications it was designed for, and some interesting emerging trends in technology that push the envelope into social media, food preparation, passports, wild life tracking and even casinos.

In 2005, the Wynn Casino, Las Vegas, began placing individual RFID tags on high value chips. In 2010, the Bellagio casino was robbed of $1.5 million in chips. The RFID tags of these chips were immediately invalidated, thus making the cash value of these chips $0.

As the cost of RFID tags declines more companies are switching over to RFID because it offers many advantages over standard barcodes.

Printronix RFID Success Stories

Printronix has been a part of several business-critical RFID implementations. When international shipbuilding group STX Europe (formerly Aker Yards) approached Printronix, they were looking for solutions to help improve worker safety. They needed a system that would monitor and track the movements of up to 5,000 craftsmen during the construction of a ship. Working together with the team at STX, Printronix jointly developed a worker tracking system which uses RFID tags attached with a sticker to the employees’ helmets. The identification is done automatically with RFID antenna located at each entry bridge on the ship. More details about our STX Europe implementation can be found in our expanded case study.

Printronix also worked jointly with Tata Consulting to help Virgin Atlantic cut the time needed to locate inbound spare parts in their supply chain in half by implementing an RFID parts tracking system at the company's Heathrow facility. Virgin Atlantic was thrilled to have the complete solution implemented in less than five months. More details on our RFID thermal bar code project with Virgin Atlantic can be found in our expanded case study.

RFID Upgrade Kits

For Printronix customers who are using our ENERGY STAR® certified T5000r or T4M thermal bar code printers, and wondering if they can make the switch to RFID, the answer is definitely yes. We offer a field upgrade kit for both T5000r and T4M thermal bar code printers (4 inch, 6 inch label width models) to RFID in a matter of minutes by authorized Printronix service partners.

For more information on RFID print solutions, feel free to contact one of our reseller partners such as Datagear, or contact our sales department (800) 665-6210.


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